Guardian Angels Care Center has been literally “graced” with a marvelous crucifix. Located in the skyway reaching across the resident dining room, the activities room/chapel and the gift shop on the 300 Wing, the crucifix was crafted out of olive wood by German craftsmen from Oberammergau, Bavaria. I refer to it as the Grace Crucifix because of the peace its presence brings and the fact that it was donated to the Care Center by the family of Virginia Grace Heed Wagner, who left this world on November 3, 2015 at the age of 90. Revealing Christ as the ultimate giver of forgiveness, grace and peace, one of the crucifix’s many blessing is its size (53” tall and 37” wide), which requires one to look up.

One of Virginia’s daughters, Margaret Wieker writes, “The crucifix symbolizes our gratitude for the physical and spiritual care our beloved mother received from Guardian Angels staff. We will forever be grateful for the meaningful and spiritually restorative relationship Virginia established through pastoral visits from Chaplain Quill and chapel services, as well as the gracious care she received from Nurse Sandy and her loving aides Debbie and Anna.”

The crucifix shipped to the United States in the 1950s, spent 60-plus years in a private estate in Duluth, Minnesota prior to its new home at the Care Center. “The significance of Duluth was not lost on our family, as Virginia and her four siblings were raised on Woodland Avenue in Hunter’s Park, where she attended school at Stanbrook Hall. Virginia’s heart was bound to her hometown of Duluth and the rich memories it provided. We feel that our mother’s memorial and the crucifix were destined to come together and create a deeper meaning. Virginia’s fine arts education, appreciation for things of beauty and long-lasting involvement in her church made the crucifix a natural choice for her memorial. We feel particularly blessed for the dignity and compassionate care Virginia received at Guardian Angels.”

No doubt the Grace Crucifix has found a wonderful new home and the story of our interdependence rooted in God’s grace with love and kindness will last through eternity. Come! Share in the wonderful experience of forgiveness, grace and peace expressed through the beautiful Grace Crucifix at the Care Center.
Peace and Blessings, The Reverend Margaret Quill, Chaplain.

Virginia Grace and the love of her life, Edward Gardelle Wagner. Circa 1947