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Read testimonials and stories from Guardian Angels residents and their families.

When my husband passed and my children had their own families, I found it difficult to maintain the family home. My children didn’t want me living alone. I arrived at Guardian Angels when I could no longer care for myself. Now, I live in my own apartment and receive health care. I even have a cleaning service. My children come to visit me every week. I feel so good about my life.
– Anonymous

I arrived at Guardian Angels when I could no longer care for myself.
– Anonymous

The facility was only a few years old when my grandma was there and it was beautiful inside and out. We almost always had our young children with us when we would visit and they loved to be there. We all have good memories of that time. We could visit in the apartment, in common areas or take a walk outside. There was a "coffee shop" where the kids could sometimes get ice cream cones. The staff was friendly and welcoming and many knew us by name. Our family felt comfortable leaving Grandma in the care of the Guardian Angels staff, this brought peace of mind when we had to be away from her. There were very few concerns during the time grandma lived there and when issues arose the staff addressed them immediately. One example was when there was no staff available at the front desk, a problem that was resolved after the first inquiry. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful facility and staff.
– Relative of a Resident

I looked for a place where my mom started from independent living and moved to assisted living or nursing home if needed. And that was the reason I chose Guardian Angels by the Lake, because of this feature. The facility was moderately priced and the reputation was stellar. The aides were very caring and friendly. The nurses were very attentive to her. They communicated with me all the time. The food was delicious and tasty. The apartment she stayed had her own bath. It was just the right size for the basic furniture. She was really taken care of. My mom got the best care for the best price.
– Bridgie