In the heart of every thriving organization lies its workforce, and at Guardian Angels, a faith-based nonprofit senior care organization, this principle is taken to heart through the Guardian Angels Employee Empower Program. This innovative program is designed to support and uplift the staff who dedicate their lives to serving seniors and their families in Elk River and surrounding communities. With a holistic approach that encompasses financial assistance, personal development, wellness, and community engagement, the program stands as a testament to Guardian Angels' commitment to nurturing not only those in its care but also those who care for others.

Crisis Fund: A Safety Net for Employees

The Crisis Fund is a cornerstone of the Employee Empower Program, providing employees with much-needed financial assistance during times of personal hardship. Beyond mere monetary aid, it extends to programs aimed at enhancing personal wellbeing. This dual focus ensures that employees have both the financial resources and emotional support needed to navigate life's unexpected challenges.

Life Coach: Guiding Personal and Professional Growth

At its core, the Life Coach component of the program seeks to foster employee wellbeing on multiple fronts. From offering guidance through a Community Resource Guide to ensuring physical health via Free Gym Memberships, this aspect of the program encapsulates Guardian Angels' holistic view of employee wellness. The inclusion of an Employee Wellbeing Program further underscores the organization's dedication to its staff's overall health.

Development: Investing in Future Leaders

Recognizing that professional growth is intrinsic to personal fulfillment, the Development segment offers a plethora of opportunities for employees to hone their skills and advance their careers within the healthcare sector. From Clinical Boot Camps designed for hands-on learning to Continuing Education Scholarships that make further education more accessible, Guardian Angels invests in its employees' futures. Leadership Training programs and Tuition Reimbursement options are also pivotal components here, illustrating a clear pathway for career advancement.

Pay it Forward: Fostering a Culture of Giving

Perhaps what sets the Guardian Angels Employee Empower Program apart most distinctly is its 'Pay it Forward' ethos. Through initiatives like the Holiday Wish List and an Employee PTO Donation system, this aspect of the program encourages staff members not only to receive support but also to extend it towards their colleagues. The Mentoring scheme and Employee Volunteer Program further promote an environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute positively to both their immediate community and beyond.


The Guardian Angels Employee Empower Program exemplifies how organizations can create an environment where employees feel genuinely supported both personally and professionally. By addressing key areas such as crisis management, personal development, wellbeing, and community engagement through comprehensive initiatives like Financial Assistance Programs, Life Coaching sessions, Development opportunities including scholarships and training programs as well as fostering a culture of generosity with Pay it Forward projects; Guardian Angels not only enhances its workforce's quality of life but also enriches the quality of care provided to seniors and their families. In embodying Christ’s love through action within its own walls first, Guardian Angels sets a powerful example for how organizations can truly empower those who serve at their heart.