What to Expect with Home Health Care

At Triniti Home Health & Hospice, our name says it all. Our team of healthcare professionals offers holistic and spiritual support for patients through home health and hospice care. This month, we wanted to highlight some of our services so you know what to expect with home health care from Triniti and how such services can benefit those recovering at home.

What is Home Health Care?

Simply put, home health care is skilled care administered at a patient’s home. Oftentimes, patients need or seek home health care to recuperate after an illness or injury, or to help manage a medical condition. This at-home care is usually fully covered by insurance, and patients feel more comfortable in their home environment with familiar surroundings. And because home health care professionals are skilled providers, patients receive care that’s just as effective as care in a medical facility.

Home Health Care Services

Triniti’s home health care brings rehabilitative services directly to patients. Our team travels to private homes, residential care or assisted living communities, and memory care facilities to deliver the services and restorative care each patient needs.

The nurses, therapists, and aides at Triniti work together to manage patient health in the safety and comfort of their own home. Our team provides professional and personalized services like:

  • Skilled Nursing — includes wound care that promotes healing, educating patients about their medications, stabilization for acute and chronic illnesses, and post-hospital care.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy — includes physical therapy to alleviate pain, strengthen muscles, or help patients move better; occupational therapy to help patients build, improve, or maintain skills for living and working independently; and speech therapy to address communication, language, speech, and swallowing concerns.
  • Home Health Aides — includes assisting patients with bathing, showering, dressing, and grooming.

Triniti also has a team of Medical Social Workers that help patients understand their conditions and diagnoses. They also connect patients and their families with resources for every kind of support, from wellness counseling to questions about healthcare insurance.

Benefits of Home Health Care

The biggest benefit of home health care is convenience for the patient. Triniti brings its services where they’re needed, helping patients to avoid extended hospital stays and mounting medical bills.

Because each patient’s needs are different, recovery plans are different. Our Triniti team develops plans to provide personalized care that’s tailored to every patient’s circumstance, surroundings, and health requirements.

At-home rehabilitation has been shown to help patients recover faster from illness or injury and develop improved independence over time. Patients also re-develop routines and more quickly regain self-sufficiency.

Health Care at Home

Knowing what to expect with home health care from Triniti is the first step toward comfortable, at-home recovery. And knowing that we deliver personalized, compassionate care in the Spirit of Christ’s love is what sets us apart. Our skilled healthcare providers connect with patients, building lasting relationships while providing the assistance, education, and support patients need — right in the comfort of home. For anyone with orders for home health care, the Triniti Home Health & Hospice team is ready to bring rehabilitative services to you. Contact us today to learn more.