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Posted August 25, 2018

I remember many trips to the Guardian Angels Care Center to

celebrate birthdays and Mother’s Day with my Grandma Schlechter.

The whole family would be there. It was a large gathering.

Those are really good memories! –Ron Stricker

L to R: Kelli Horner, Adam Horner, Gloria Stricker, Audrey Horner, Ron Stricker.
Front: Katherine Horner

For Ron and Gloria Stricker, Guardian Angels has always been a part

of their family. Grandma Victoria Schlechter (Ron’s Grandmother)

made her home here and brothers, sisters, cousins, and family from all

over would join in celebrating birthdays and Mother’s Day. Gloria’s dad

moved into Guardian Angels after living in Jamestown, ND for 90 years.

“As difficult as the situation was, the move went well and Guardian

Angels staff was amazing with him,” said Gloria with tears in her eyes.

Currently, Ron’s mom Mary is living in a Guardian Angels community.

“When you go there to visit your family, you see a whole generation

of people who need care,” said Ron “Then you start to realize the

significance of Guardian Angels in our community and the importance

of ensuring they are able to carry out their mission of providing

exceptional care to seniors and their families.”

Neither Ron nor Gloria grew up in wealthy families, but their families

did teach them the importance of giving back. They are faithful church

supporters, blood donors, and always look out and care for others. This

is something Ron and Gloria passed on to their children.

“We obviously grew up with Guardian Angels always being a part of

the Elk River community,” said Adam Horner. Adam and Kelli Horner

are the daughter and son-in-law of Ron and Gloria Stricker. For Kelli,

Guardian Angels was always part of holiday celebrations and trips to

see her grandparents and even great-grandparents. Adam and Kelli

then started coming to the Guardian Angels Spring Galas and soon

realized the importance of sustaining this important mission. When

the time came for the couple to create a will, it only seemed natural

to include Guardian Angels in it as one of their beneficiaries. Kelli said,

“Growing up, generosity was always modeled for Adam and me, and

we want to set that same example for our children.”

Both the Stricker and Horner families wish more people would

understand the importance of leaving a legacy gift because it’s so easy.

Anyone, at any age or income level, can make a legacy gift and make

a lasting difference in the lives of seniors through Guardian Angels.

To make a difference with a legacy gift, contact Deb Weston at

 Guardian Angels at 763-635-4485 or visit our website at guardianangelsmn.org

and click on Ways to Give.



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